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Adorn your house with everlasting summer blooms!

Made to order, these wreaths are 100% natural, created from scratch with locally sourced dried flowers and grasses. The exquisite willow base is hand woven by local craftsmen at Blackhall Mill and it will last you for many years to come.

Choose from two available options:

Ivory & Cream: light and elegant selection of pampas grass, wheat, oats, lavender, gypsophila, bunny tails, dried linum, setaria grass, solidago, broom and other wild grasses and seedheads. Finished with a silk ribbon bow.

Sunny Yellows: Natural orange carthamus, amaranthus, wheat and oats, dried lavender, naturally dried broom, love in a mist, yellow sanfordii, orange bunny tails, hydraegnas, etc.

All dried flowers are subject to availability and might slightly vary with each design.

Approx 16in diameter

For any specific requests please message us, custom orders are available.

When picking the arrival date, please allow at least 5 working days of making and postage time.

Delivered to you using our trusted parcel courier.

If hung outside, the wreath will last 3-4 weeks (or longer) in a dry, sheltered place. When indoors, it will keep for months, if not years! Should be kept away from moisture and direct sunlight.

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